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Making mummy friends

So I expected during pregnancy I would make loads of new mummy friends and it would be fun sharing stories,  advice, coffee and wine ( postpartum). In reality My only new friends were on Instagram, I documented my whole pregnancy and shared everything, it was such a support and took it so personally if gave people nice comments and they didn't reply (still think that's rude) but I have actually made some really real friends because of Instagram. I'm sure gemslittletreasures is my soul sista and there's some special mummas from Scotland, the north, south, Ireland and Wales who I have never met but feel like I know and I would love to meet. But I have to give a huge shout out to Instagram and the support it gave me. I know not everyone agrees with sharing your life online but it's what's kept me sane somedays. It's also got me in touch with some old friends and that had also changed my life . But I was desperate to meet new people face to face. When squeak

Moving day

Goodbye first home. They say a house is made of walls and beams a home is made of love and dreams. This is very true. This wasn't our first house, we rented many a house but this was our first home. We saved and searched and went looking for a house, we wanted a deteached, 3 bed with off road parking. We purchased a 2 bed cottage without the desired parking and it was end of terrace. I might be crazy but we just fell in love at first sight, the pub three doors down might have also been an influence. Four years ago we were living in the north west in a house with a awful neighbour, the hubby was working away all the time and we decided to move back to the north east. Back to all our friends from uni, back to nights of fun and most importantly back to the parmo. Well that didn't go to plan, friends from uni grow up and move on, there are some I've not even seen in the three and a half years we've been back. Parmos also make you fat. What did happen tho was we mad

A new adventure

Hello there Here's a blog, a blogging blog, from a complete bloggy novice who doesn't really know what's she's going to blog about but as tomorrow marks the start of a brand new adventure it was suggested by a friend that I should start a blog.  Who am I, well my names not mummy, ok it is and I will become very upset if you call me Mum but my name at birth was Hayley. I'm a southener living in the north and before I became a mummy I was a doggy animal worky lady who trained dogs.    I have a little baby called Squeak. That's not her name either but she makes these cutie wutie little noises ( eee she's lovely), so that's her nickname. She's six months old and tomorrow we move house and start a new adventure which I've decided to share. I'm a sharer, I'm honest and I might swear sometimes ( ok a lot) so here is another blog from another mummy who likes to share and swear.  I could have started a blog when I was pregnant and